Carlos Macher

University of life



Salad and Desert chef,
Commis Waiter, BarTender.

Ponny Express

Courier for the Stockmarket
(be for was online)

Real Estate

Property management

Coffee Shop

Management a Italian
Coffee Shop

Delicatesse Wholesale

Pasta Factory
Sale Representative

Desk Top

Desk top support
Voice and Networking

about carletto FM

He was born in Park Portales, in neighbourhood Yungay, there he played with Jano and with him they escaped from home when they were five years old, they walked all the way down to Central Station. In that year he moved to the Almagro Plaza, he heat Pedro Aguirre Cerda

Passion & Interests

Richmond park

I love photography

BMW K100

She live with Queen Elizabeth the first 33.000 miles and then she comimg to live with me and I put on her 130.000 miles

Service the Bike

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